Strange answer PC Soft! about duration on android

Startbeitrag von J. Flietstra am 25.08.2016 08:35

I got a run time failure on a duration control.
I send this to PCSoft with an example, After a while i got the answer that my cae is forwarded to the development team, and after a while i got this answer.

At runtime i want to increase a control from the type Duration with 1 second every second, simple as that!
Hi Jonathan,

In reference to #99471. the type Duration is not available on Android.

Please use this reference when you contact me upon this matter again: #99 471/161233.

The Free Technical Support is entirely at your service.

The manual told me that the duration is available on all platforms!
It sounds that PC Soft can't solve this an give me this answer. It strange very strange.
I can expect a solution for a development tool like Windev were i have paid for every year!


Hi Jonathan, there are several cases using the same "template". There's a Ribbon RAD in the brochure, a Dynamic Tab RAD to be found in WD21, but there's no description in the Help and there's only a GPF when trying to use it, there are the new "Layouts" not only for WD Mobile 21 but also flagged to be available for WD 21, however, there are no Layouts usable in WD 21, missing from the "Window"-Tab ... seems there has been a hasty shutdown followed by a general leave for summer holidays. Let's wait for September ...

von GuenterP - am 25.08.2016 10:54
Not to mention numerous Complete, Training and Unit examples that are MIA in v21.

As I have said before looks like triumph of Marketing over Development.

Perhaps there will only be 500 new additions in v22 to allow for a catch-up.

von DerekT - am 25.08.2016 17:00
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