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Open Source alpha360 ERP is NOW LIVE

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 25.08.2016 10:11

Open Source alpha360 ERP is NOW LIVE.

Go to http://www.alpha360.biz , - register (it is free) and tell us what you think about the project.

Steven Sitas


Hi Steven, thanks a lot for the promotion!

von GuenterP - am 25.08.2016 10:35
Hi Guenter,

It is the least I could do ...
If it wasn't for you this community would not exist.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 25.08.2016 10:48
Hi Steven, my deep kudos to you!

von GuenterP - am 25.08.2016 10:56
I am thinking of doing the same. I have an accounting / Project management software WD 21.


von Allard - am 25.08.2016 13:04

A lot of people contacted me, complaining they don't have v21.
Well we had to start from somewhere and the newest version looked like the right choice.
Time will show if this was a good choice …
For those who don’t have v21 and cannot compile and run v0.1, we have added a video section to our main site – alpha360.biz

By the way, thanks to all WX developers who registered today - over 100 developers !!!

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 25.08.2016 16:22
Hi Steven,

Cool. Nice initiative. I took a look at the site and your video. Nice user interface.

I noticed that you spent quit some time on documentation. Even verry basic beginners documentation?

Are you planning on setting up a courcode manager of some kind? Can we add stuff to your app?

I think I will take a look at your tab windows , for I donnot have that in my app. ha ha. Cool this could be a verry good thing for PC Soft!!

And then they can bring us webdev with splitters , ha ha


von Allard - am 26.08.2016 06:06
Hi Steven,

Thanks for sharing youe ERP. I'm sure I will learn a lot from it.

A couple of questions:

1. Are you going to upgrade your ERP annually to be always compatible with the latest WX version, or to keep it at the current WX version level (21) at least for a few years?

2 Is your Web core app going to require Webdev?

Best regards

von Ola - am 26.08.2016 09:40
Hi Steven,
Nice video !
Thank you for your software and hope you will get positive feedbacks to your work.

Best regards

von WD20 - am 26.08.2016 10:36
....Also you can get it here

von WD20 - am 26.08.2016 10:44
Hi Ola,

(1) - The coreERP will always be in v21.
If there are dramatics changes in WX22 (or WX23 etc) we will do a special edition for this version. Of course you will always be able to use the product in ANY NEWER version than v21.

(2) - The WEB coreERP is BUILT with WEBDEV 21.

(3) - In the next couple of hours, we are going to post a video, that shows a COMPLETE implementation of the alpha360 ERP. It is a GREEK video - but everyone will understand how COMPLETE the ERP is.

(4) - Also, we are going to post information about how a 3rd party (developer or trainer) can work with the product AND DIRECTLY offer his services to other developers.


Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 26.08.2016 11:40

That is really great. But I feel version 20 would be more useful to a larger number of developers. I don't think there is much advantage in using WD21 compared to WD20....

BTW is your ERP modularized? Meaning can we write modules separate and somehow install them in your ERP?

Lastly which template have you used? Or is it customized?


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 29.08.2016 13:47
Hi Yogi,
(1) - Choosing between v20 and v21 was really difficult.
And from the info we are getting from users - from a marketing aspect - it was probably the wrong decision!!!

A lot of programmers do not have v21 ...

But technically there are a lot of NEW and IMPROVED things in V21 and we are using them - v0.2 will have some of these.
The other thing that bothered us with v21 was WEBDEV.
WEBDEV 21 is a LOT better NOW than WEBDEV 20 - And you will see it in the WEB implementation of the ERP. We couldn't do the implementation in WEBDEV 20.

(2) - ERP modularized?
We think so ...
A detailed POST and PDF will be ready for download next week, presenting our "paradigm" and how it can be extended.

(3) - Template etc
We picked up a PCSoft template AND added OUR Styles.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 30.08.2016 11:14
Hi Steven, please where did you get the PCSoft template ?
Or is it a part of a version..

von WD20 - am 30.08.2016 12:21
Hi WD20,

There is nothing special with the PCSoft template we used as a starting point.
We just picked ONE, DELETED everything from the template AND ADDED our OWN Styles.
So what you are actally seeing is OUR template (styles, colours, images etc)

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 30.08.2016 12:54

Any database restriction there, else designed to work with all database. Your video tempting to explore further, but no 21. :confused:

Happiness Always
BKR Sivaprakash

Edit : Any plans to add replication facility ?

von Sivaprakash - am 03.09.2016 06:46
Hi Sivaprakash,

v0.1 was probably rushed out too soon and it just gives a hint of the project.
The new version - v0.2 - has the complete models for Parties and Products and has extensive documentation (like how to extend the above in YOUR implementation).
Starting with v0.2, you will be able to download, also, the .exe application - to test it yourself. It will be posted BEFORE September 15, 2016.

This one you will like a lot !!!!

And now your questions:
(1) It is designed to work with Standard SQL RDBMs (MySQL/MariaDB, SQLServer, Postgress, Oracle etc.). We will include automatic switching between HFSQL and MySQL/MariaDB in the project - v1.0

We have designed the database - from the beginning- to support replication.
(1) All primary keys are GUIDs
(2) There are NO other unique constraints forced by the database design.
Of course you can do the constraints with Business Processes.
(3) Summaration tables are what we call LOCAL for each installation and don't have problems with replication.

Since there are specialists - in the WX community - in the replication area, we think it would be better, if they added this functionality.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 03.09.2016 08:53
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