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[WD21] Getting a list of Automatic Procedures

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 26.08.2016 09:39

Hi guys,

I'm writing a set of procedures to periodically send files to an FTP server and I want to give the (super) user the option to do actions such as start/stop automatic procedures and also see other details that I'm recording in the DB; e.g. when an automatic procedure last ran etc...

I can't see it in the help; is there a way to get a list of Automatic Procedures (and their defined properties) so that I can present them on a window in WD?


Hi all,

Ok, in the absence of being able to get a list of auto procedure(s), I've coded my way around it.

...BUT, does anyone know if it's possible to change the options of Auto Procedures? ...i.e. if I wanted a user to decide on the frequency that an auto procedure runs? ...or do I have to code all that myself as well? :confused:

If not, I'll ask PCS for this facility... you never know... V23 might be a 1001 new features!? ;-)

von DarrenF - am 28.08.2016 19:02
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