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WinDev 15 Crashes When Generating The EXE

Startbeitrag von Antonino Neri.pcs.crosspost am 13.07.2010 09:53

Hello everyone!

I have the following problem:

I have generated for the very first time the exe of a project, then I have fixed some problems and tried to generate it again but WinDev crashes when the process is 47% complete.

What am I supposed to do?

Kindest Regards,

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This happen to me in WinDev14 yesterday. I was importing from another WinDev 14 project. Then when compiling it went to 47% and then WinDev just closed.

Did not find out what happened because I restored my backup before the importing of one window. And it compiled fine and I did not run into the prob again.

I would be courious as to what caused this as well.


Brian Holmes

von Brian - am 13.07.2010 12:05
This used to happen to me because I was using a component compiled with an older version of Windev.

I compiled the component with Windev 15 and that solved the problem.


Mariano Saul

von Mariano Saul - am 26.07.2010 01:26
Hello Antonino

One solution that seems to fix a multitude of errors is to close the project, delete the project cpl directory, open the project again and then try to create your exe


von Al - am 26.07.2010 03:01
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