WebDev 15 - Can't Add to a File

Startbeitrag von Rich am 15.07.2010 20:13

I have a table on a form that has add and remove buttons. When I try to add a record nothing happens.

Here is the code for the add button:
userprjs.PROJECTID = TableProjects.ProjectId
userprjs.USERID = gUserId

When this code is run nothing happens, the record is not added to the file.

I can add records using WDMap and Navicat for MySQL but not in code.

I have other tables in the project that work. This is the only one that has a problem.

What am I missing :confused:


Hi Rich,

I have had the same problem when creating a new database in WD15. When I imported a WD14 database it worked okay. I would be interested to hear from anyone as well.


von Milton - am 15.07.2010 20:45

Hi Rich,

HReset(..) clears the file buffer. If there are other fields in the file's description, especially keay, there will be a duplicates situation (duplicate nulls, duplicate empty strings etc), thus adding a second record will fail. Look at HErrorInfo(Fulldetails) after HAdd(..).
Kind regards, Guenter

von Jimbo - am 16.07.2010 07:44
To expand on my problem, I have two tables on the form a Projects table and a Users Projects table. I want to select a project in the Projects Table and add it to the Users Projects table, but I don't want duplicates. I am not happy with the WD built-in duplicates user interface so I usually write my own.

Here is the code.
IF TableUserProjects..Occurrence >= 1 THEN // Check for duplicate project
IF TableSeek(TableUserProjects.Number,TableProjects.Number)= True THEN
// Duplicate project
Info(TableProjects.Name + " is already assigned to " + users.FULLNAME)
userprjs.PROJECTID = TableProjects.ProjectId
userprjs.USERID = gUserId

If I comment out the check for duplicate project code everything works but the user is still able to add duplicate projects to the User Projects table.

What to do :confused:

von Rich - am 16.07.2010 21:18
Hello Rich

Your syntax for TableSeek() is incorrect.
IF TableSeek(TableUserProjects.Number,TableProjects.Number)= True THEN

Tableseek() does not return true/false. It returns the row number if found or -1 if not found.
It also has a parameter (False) for a generic search or (True) for an exact match.

Try the following syntax

LFoundRow is int
LFoundRow = TableSeek(TableUserProjects.Number,TableProjects.Number,True)
If LFoundRow -1
//duplicate row found


von Al - am 16.07.2010 23:13

I will try this code tomorrow.

von Rich - am 16.07.2010 23:46

Re: WebDev 15 - Can't Add to a File SOLVED!


I appreciate your taking the time to answer my question.

All is now well :spos:

von Rich - am 17.07.2010 21:05
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