Windev (19) - 64 bit application with 64 bit DLL

Startbeitrag von DerekM-2 am 30.08.2016 06:27

I need to run an updated interface that is supposedly a Windows 64 bit dll

Windev has this function:- CallDLL32 - but no CallDLL64 equivalent.

Am I missing something? Will the API function work for 64 bit dll'd? Anyone running 64 bit with 64 bit Windows dll's?

Thanks for any help. My brain is frozen at the moment :)


Hi Derek

callDLL32 is the OLD name of the function. THe new one is "API".
In both cases, to call a 64 bits dll, you need a 64 bits EXE (and to call a 32 bits DLL, you need a 32 bits EXE)

So either you can test and generate your EXE in 64 bits, or you have a constraint preventing you to. If you are in the later case, then you can create a secondary exe in 64 bits JUST to encapsulate the API calls, and call the secondary exe (with a command line, by example)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 30.08.2016 12:19
Hi Fabrice,

Thanks. Yes - I confused myself because I have an old-old dongle (with WinDev 19) - and it will not run the 64 bit IDE - so I was actually testing in 32 bit thinking I was running 64 bit.

It all works - but I have to generate and run a 64 bit exe.

Finally - I will have to ship my dongle to France to get it replaced. Now my problem is - what do I do without my dongle :)


von DerekM - am 31.08.2016 03:03
Hi Derek

first, you do not need to replace your dungle.
In Windev 32bits IDE you can set the testing/GO to be run in 64 bits, and of course also generate 64 bits exes.

Now, if you decide to change your dungle, you can contact pcsoft, and if things haven't changed, they can send you a new dungle in advance. If they receive your dungle afterward, you will be charge few euros only, but if they don't receive it, they will bill you the while license price.

But again, not necessary...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.08.2016 13:07
Hi Fabrice

Yes, thanks! You are right again (of course :) )

My GO button is now 64 - and all is right in the world.


von DerekM - am 31.08.2016 23:37
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