Automatic Modication of data file

Startbeitrag von PlusPoint am 18.07.2010 16:25


i m trying now to make Automatic Modication change for FIC.
i m using following code, is anything wrong for below code :
bcoz it give some message in French. i m using Windev 14.

ExeRun("C:\Windev 14\Programs\WDModFic.EXE -report -nobackup " + "/WDD=C:\My Projects\PlusRetail Lite\PlusRetail Lite.wdd " + "/PWD=ADMIN " + "/FILE=C:\My Projects\PlusRetail Lite\Exe\PLUSTRANS.FIC")

i want to use in my code, it is working with wizard of WDModFic.exe.
but in client place if i want to send new exe with few structure change of one FIC File.



I think you need extra double-quotes around the file-parts, containing spaces.
While those double-quotes are the start-end of a string as well, you have to use 2 double-quotes

ExeRun("""C:\Windev 14\Programs\WDModFic.EXE -report -nobackup """ + "/WDD=""C:\My Projects\PlusRetail Lite\PlusRetail Lite.wdd"" " + "/PWD=ADMIN " + "/FILE=""C:\My Projects\PlusRetail Lite\Exe\PLUSTRANS.FIC"" ")

Try typing the complete string in a dos-box (CMD) first.

von Arie - am 18.07.2010 19:47
Hello Chandrahas

As well as the code Arie sent, you also need to add the "/US" parameter to change the language in the message box.


von Al - am 18.07.2010 23:43
Hi Al & Arie,

Sorry i was travelling. i m back now i check what you guys had send me.

now it is not giving error but modication is not reflected in FIC file.

i will breif you, i did modication on my fic and analysis. now i downloaded fic from client place and place it same folder where my fic and analysis exist with same name.

but this automodication does not reflect on my client fic.

Thanks & regards,


von PlusPoint - am 02.08.2010 15:56
maybe this thread will help you,38141,38141#msg-38141

von Arie - am 02.08.2010 16:40

Arie, you send me link but i was more confuse.

can anyone help me for following code, it returns false

M_ISModified = ExeRun("""C:\Windev 14\Programs\WDModFic.EXE -report -nobackup """ + "/WDD=""C:\My Projects\PlusRetail Lite\PlusRetail Lite.wdd"" " + "/PWD=admin " + "/US " + "/FILE=""C:\My Projects\PlusRetail Lite\Exe\PLUSTRANS.FIC"" ")

And even i check PlusTrans.FIC, no modication is done.


von PlusPoint - am 04.08.2010 16:20
when RunExe returns false, you have an error. Check ErrorInfo() to get a description of the error which occured.

I see that the quotes after -nobackup are in the wrong place. This should be better

ExeRun("""C:\Windev 14\Programs\WDModFic.EXE"" -report -nobackup " + "/WDD=""C:\My Projects\PlusRetail Lite\PlusRetail Lite.wdd"" " + "/PWD=ADMIN " + "/FILE=""C:\My Projects\PlusRetail Lite\Exe\PLUSTRANS.FIC"" ")

von Arie - am 04.08.2010 17:22
Hi Arie,

Thank You......

It is working fine, Thanks once again


Chandrahas Kurdekar.

von PlusPoint - am 05.08.2010 10:19
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