[WD21] OMG! Multilingual mess!

Startbeitrag von Ola am 30.08.2016 18:06

Hi all,

I was wondering why the languages in my analysis are not listed in the same sequence as they are in the project, and thought that it might also be the reason for the many multilingual problems I have been experiencing. So I clicked the "Synchronize with the project" button in the analysis description's International tab, and voilá/yippee ki-yay: my multilingual problems got even worse! Now I can't edit the captions of items and controls in any other language except English! All other language slots are grayed out in the editors!

I do have a fresh backup, but before restoring it, I would like to hear any hints on how to make all languages editable again. Maybe its just a switch somewhere?

Best regards


I experienced the same problem after converting a couple of older programs from WD19 to 21: only the English translations can be edited in the translation editor.:sneg:

I also found the way to edit them: messages can be edited directly in the code editor when the language is first changed with "Control-Alt-L".

Best regards

von Ola - am 06.09.2016 14:21
I work with Windev21 practically every day, opening and
closing it at least once a day, often more.

I have had the totally frightening error
"Windev21.exe (WINDEV21) - Win32 has stopped working"
a couple of times per week:


Now I had it again .

Usually I have been able to fix it by copying an older .env
file to the app directory to replace the damaged one.

This time it did not help, so I just deleted the .env file
(and, of course, the .cpl sub-directory).

Then the app started, and everything seemed to be allright,
until I opened a multi-lingual message, and, CALAMITY!,
only the English text was editable, all other languages
were grayed out
and not reachable.

And what is even worse, is that if I edit the English text,
the new English text is copied to the other languages, too!!!

Earlier I noticed that just "upgrading" a WD19 app to WD21
often caused the same language problem. These were small
utility type apps and the WD21 was in its early versions, so I
was not yet worried.

Now I am. "Working" with WD21 has become struggle.

Has anybody experienced similar problems? Maybe found a
solution to fix it?

Best regards

von Ola - am 17.10.2016 08:47
Hi Ola, did you report this horror problem to Tech Support and what's their answer?

von GuenterP - am 17.10.2016 13:38
Hi Guenter,

Yes, I reported it this morning and received a confirmation of the receipt. Reference ST/E220952. Still waiting for their actual answer.

Best regards

von Ola - am 17.10.2016 17:32
Olé Ola!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

von GuenterP - am 17.10.2016 20:04
Hello Ola

Hello Ola

How many languages do you support in your software ?

It looks like the crashes will continue so one way to mitigate the effect would be to make mutliple backups with such frequency that a crash is just a minor hiccup.

I use "Beyond Compare" A full backup of of my main app (6,300 files - 2.5gb excluding the cpl folder) from one SSD to another SSD in my workstation takes 7 seconds. Incremental backups are 1-2 seconds during the day.


von Al - am 17.10.2016 21:11
Howdy Al,

I have three languages: Finnish, English, French. I am planning to add more, primarily Estonian and Russian, but can't commit myself to it until I have my endless multi-lingual problems solved and WD is stabilized. My main app's total size is a little over 3 GB including all auxiliary apps, docs etc., but surely there is still something that can be archived away from the daily back-up process.

I am currently using SSDs only as the OS disk, so thanks for the hint; maybe I have to add them also as a program disk and a back-up disk, because currently my full back-up takes almost 10 minutes.

Still, the back-up cannot be just a simple copying process, because I can never know for sure, whether the copy would be usable: After closing the app I then have to re-open it first to see that it really re-opens, and does not throw the devastating
"Windev21.exe (WINDEV21) - Win32 has stopped working"
error. If it does, the app is unusable, until it has been fixed.

Currently my main app is unusable. And so is the last back-up copy of it. The copy before that is usable, but going back to it would lose two full days' worth of code. So I can as well wait for a day or two to see, whether PCSoft can find a fix for these problems. But based on their previous replies to multi-lingual problems I am not holding my breath...

Best regards

von Ola - am 18.10.2016 08:19
Hello Ola

You mentioned that your last usable backup is two days old. Will the project comparison work from that old version to the newer broken one ? It might be a way of retrieving the changes ?


von Al - am 18.10.2016 09:49
Hi Al,

Good hint. Thanks. I'll try that later today.

But these changes are easy to do even without the comparison, as they were all done based on a search of a string, and when any were found, they plus some 10 lines of code before and after them were replaced with a single procedure call.

But it is rather laborious because of the quantity of the occurrencies and the lack of macro possibilities in WX. In my previous tool, Clarion Professional Developer, this process would have been a breeze because of its excellent macro feature.

It is rather weird that PCSoft offers the possibility to write scripts to the end users of the apps developed with WX products, but not to the developers!

Best regards

von Ola - am 18.10.2016 10:16
Hi all,

Got PCSoft's reply today: they said that the app is damaged and I would have to revert to a backup.

I wasn't yet desparate enough to do that. I dug out my previous development laptop (with Win 7) from my junk computer pile, replaced its first hard disk with a new SSD, and installed WD21 in it just by copying it from the other machine. Then I moved the latest version of my app to it.

During the first launch of both WD and the app in this newly revived machine I told WD to reset my WD environment settings to the default ones and not use the old ones from WD19. Started it, and lo and behold: the app was OK, all multi-lingual texts were editable again, and there were also all my code changes!

I only lost the hot key settings I had made for the various dialogs in WD (why on earth do they have to be set separately for each dialog!?!?!?).

Also all the other smaller utility apps, whose multi-lingual texts were locked and grayed out during the upgrade from WD19 to WD21, were now OK! Hallelujah!

Now, I don't know whether the culprit was the computer or WD environment settings in it, but I'll try to find out that, too, when I have more time.

Best regards

von Ola - am 18.10.2016 19:39
Now I also fixed the "defective" (Win 8.1) machine: I just deleted all PC SOFT entries from the registry, restarted my main app with default environment settings, and the problem seems to have gone to bit heaven. All apps are now fully operational and the multi-lingual texts are editable.

So, it seems that when something fishy happens in the app, just deleting the .cpl directory and the .env file does not always help. In more severe cases the "PC SOFT" registry entries must be deleted.

Best regards

von Ola - am 19.10.2016 09:33
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