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WD 15 - How to send an XML file to a web service

Startbeitrag von Andres Sanchez am 20.07.2010 00:26


I need to send an xml document to a web service, if I send it as is the server throws me an exception "Server was unable to process request. Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

The server is not mine so I cannot change anything in the server.

I am guessing I have to encode the xml in order to be sent to the server.

Does anyone have any experience ?

I am using WD 15, but i am importing the service as a WD 14 set of procedures.


Andres Sanchez


Hi Andres,

Have you tried importing the webservice? Looks like you're coding in
the dark.


von Georgio - am 20.07.2010 15:49
Couple of assumptions......
1. You have imported the WSDL from the web service provider into a project.
2. That you receive this error after successfully running SOAPRun

I have never seen this error but if this is generated by the provider then your best option is to contact them - usually only they now what an error actually means.
The alternative is to trawle through the WD generated code (I personally strip out 90% of what WD writes) and compare it to the WSDL as viewed in an XML editor.

If it does need encoding then I cannot believe a commercial site would require anything other than Base64.

Not much help I'm afraid.



von DerekT - am 20.07.2010 16:35
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