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HFCS - Reindex

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 31.08.2016 23:12

We have a standard procedure to reindex files on a regular basis which simply runs the code
IF NOT HIndex(COL_File_Name,hBackgroundTask + hNdxDelete,PROG_ProgBar) THEN .....
This generally works without a problem but every now & again we get a message like the following

Any ideas why we're getting this & how to prevent it?




Hi David,

keeping HFSQL in the \programs directory is imho a bad idea. Generally, this directory is write protected, during installation PC Soft changes the directory rights to be read/write and there may be a program which maintains the server and detects unprotected directories in \programs or \programs (x86) and "repairs" the flaw. Cure: move the installation of HFSQL to a separate directory like c:\hfsql . Same goes for the installation of Wx programs and of the Reports & Queries. A "standard" install is nice, but only if data is put into a separate directory like \ProgramData or \Programs\Common Files.

von GuenterP - am 01.09.2016 05:31
Hi David,
complementary to what Guenter said:

check to see which temporary directory is used - during the reindex.
In C/S this is done with HSetServer - change it and and see how things go.

Ofcourse if you are doing a HOT Reindex read this:
Note: no "hot" reindex operation can be performed if records are locked in read/write mode in the data file to re-index. If the records are locked in write mode only, the hot reindex operation can still be performed.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 01.09.2016 15:13
Hi David,

If you change folders for .FIC files it can be reason and problem with links (relations)
Deletion of temporary files in "Program Files" folder can be problematic.
like Guenter and Steven says, try with ProgramData folder if it is Windows 7-10, but if it is Windows XP, default folder is in "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\PC SOFT", but you can define totally new folder (ex. C:\BDD") and give rights for Everyone.

Regards !

von ICI - am 01.09.2016 18:01
Thanks everyone
We include HFCS in the install package & have just let users install it wherever they like which in the vast majority of cases would be the PCS default. The reindex is done at the first login of the day so no issue with locking.

Steven, I'll have a look at HsetServer; it's always within the Internal folder that the issue arises so I assume that is where the temporary files are being created. If that doesn't work then we'll have to instruct users not to use the default for HFCS or roll our own install for it.


von David Egan - am 01.09.2016 18:46
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