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WD15: First click on the tinySearch btn was slow in HF browsing table

Startbeitrag von Vennisa am 26.07.2010 18:35

Hi All

I have 20K records in HF table, the generated browsing table is slow whenever
I click it the first time. Is there a way to make it run faster as there's no code
in the generated browsing program.

Thanks in advance..



Hello Vennisa

Is the file set up as a "File with direct access" or "File loaded in memory". Direct access is the quickest.


von Al - am 27.07.2010 07:08
Hi Al

It was "File with direct access", but it's fast once I made the 1st click on the search button.
It's not impressive to the customer.

Any further help is much appreciated.



von Vennisa - am 27.07.2010 12:10
Hello Vennisa

If its the initial load of the table that is slow then it could be a hardware/network issue. My understanding is that direct access only loads enough data to fill the numberof rows in the table and then fetches more as you scroll through the table or search for items on indexed columns. This means that initial load is almost instant.
I think the only other thing that can slow down a direct access table is the scroll bar attribute of the table. If the "Proportional Scrollbar" is ticked then it does slow things down because it needs to calculate the maximum number of rows to work out the size of the scroll marker.


von Al - am 27.07.2010 14:27
Hi Al,

Solved, my mistake of overlooking to the default check on
the memory access instead of the direct access to file.
It's in the content tab, a slightly hidden place caused me to scratch around

Thanks again.


von Vennisa - am 27.07.2010 15:07

Now that you're using Direct access, are you able to use the search in the column hadiner?

von Glenn Rathke - am 04.08.2010 12:39
Thanks Glenn

Oh! By the way, Glenn,
Could you help with this link [http://forum.mysnip.de/read.php?27131,72088]
that i posted last time but it's still hanging around. WB15 looks struggling me
a lot.

thanks in advance


von Vennisa - am 04.08.2010 13:46
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