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[WD20] Code Export

Startbeitrag von David Cabrera am 05.09.2016 22:10

I'm new, and I have a question, first, I know WINDEV can export a project to WINDEV MOBILE and viseversa, and WINDEV or WINDEV MOBILE to WEBDEV, and even elements of VB to WINDEV, then my question is, I can export a project WINDEV, WEBDEV OR WINDEV MOBILE to another programming language?


Hello David

No and why would you want to ?


von Al - am 05.09.2016 22:23

i know windev generate source code for java, android, linux application before compiling them. but be warn, there are no any documentation release for that level of libs. you are on you own to explore

von ccc2 - am 06.09.2016 02:28
Hi David,

be aware that all the importations you are talking about are not magic bullets. From Windev to Webdev to Mobile, you'll get the whole code, but not all of it will work (as some function are not availabel everywhere). THe UI itself -CAN- be imported, but will be in big part unusable (because a mobile UI is very diferent than a windows UI is very different than a web UI.

As for VB import, you will -NOT- get anything that is really meaningful.

And no, there is no EXPORT (but you can generate a.net library that can be used outside our tools) and there is also a way to call windev functions/windows from outside languages.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 06.09.2016 11:44
Hi David Cabrera,

I think I know what you want to know.

The WX IDE is the pace to be . You can share code with other developers with the sourcecode manager.

The SCM is a tool integrated in the IDE.

WX doesnot work like other languadges like php / javascript. Where you use a sourcecode manager like GIT . But believe me that is a good thing!!

WX works different. People of other development languadges may say . It works a bit old school. ( if you check something out of the SCM an other developer cannot change it ).

Ok maybe true but because WX generates so view code lines it does work fine. And There is no need to merge Code etc . So no problems regarding wrong merges etc



von Allard - am 08.09.2016 12:57
I often export all the code from a project and a prior save of the project so that I can review changes in notepad++ using their compare (diff) feature.

Many of my programs are done using the project code + global procedures. I can see the code for all the global procedures at once by right clicking "Global Procedures" and then selecting code. I highlight all the code by using Ctrl+Shift+PgDn (since Ctrl+A) only does one procedure at time.
I then add the code the project code. It is manual, but it is quick (two or three minutes) and easy to do.

It is much more work if the procedures are local to many windows.

von Donald Montaine - am 13.09.2016 16:54
I guess he is trying to say that he needs to convert all the code to another language, for example Windev to C#, WebDev to HTML, JS, PHP and CSS or Windev Mobile to Java

von Luis Antonio Gutiérrez Flores - am 13.09.2016 17:59
Hi Donald,

do you know that there is a built in comparison feature in windev?
You can compare a window, a class or a whole project to another one...

You can even move changes from one side to the other

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 13.09.2016 19:47
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