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automatic install of a macro in Outlook

Startbeitrag von Geert Debruyne am 30.07.2010 07:35

We have an application that needs a macro in Outlook. Wel would like to install the macro on the users pc automatically at the same time the application is installed.
I know this is possible in .NET but unfortunally mu .det-knowledge is just basic.

IS there anyone who knows how we can do this from within the Windev-installer?

Thanks for any help


Hi Geert,

Couldn't you try to copy the macro to "{profile}\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\"?
Is the macro written in VB code?


von Georgio - am 30.07.2010 19:10
Hi Georgio,

macro is written in VB
But we want a full automatic install, including the creation of a icon on a toolbar...
So: unfortunallly: just copying in the profile-dir does not solve our problem


von Geert Debruyne - am 02.08.2010 08:23
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