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[WD-20] Moving in Scheduler

Startbeitrag von Shijo S Philip am 07.09.2016 11:47

Hi All,

My scheduler in week mode and moving of appointment is enabled. Is it possible to move my appointment from current week to next week by drag and drop.

Please share your Solutions

Thank You

Shijo S Philip


Hi yes,

If you set it in month mode so you can see the week and the week where the appointments needs to go then it is out of the box functionality.

Do you have only one week in your view ? And you want to select something in this wek . Start the drag an d then move the view to an other week and then start the drop ?

Well I donnot know exactly. You can programm the drag and drop as well. So you should be able to make something like that



von Allard - am 07.09.2016 22:28
Hi Shijo

I have it in week mode and if you move the appointment right to the end of the component (just past sunday) it drops it into monday the following week im using WD21 not sure if this works in WB or older versions though.

von iso - am 08.09.2016 07:50
Thank You allard and iso for your valuable suggestions.

Shijo S Philip :)

von Shijo S Philip - am 08.09.2016 11:03
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