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[WD21] Calculated field in data file

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 12.09.2016 05:21

We have a file which stores customer last name, customer first name. As we frequently need the full name we thought we would try the calculated field option. All data access is performed by classes so our record class includes the CustomerName as a string field.

Retrieving data works well, however, when we try to save a record it all falls down. MemoryToFile(CusClassRecord,CusDataFile) fails with an error that CustomerName is a calculated field.

I will go back to doing it within the class for the time being but has anyone else experienced this & found a solution?




If you make the CustomerName a Property of the class rather than a member then it will not be a part of the MemoryToFile.

However, when you read the property it will return the FirstName + " " + LastName as a string.
That should work.
Steve H.

von Steve Hodgman - am 12.09.2016 06:38
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