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Groupware test vs exe

Startbeitrag von Bill Quinn am 12.09.2016 12:55

I am relatively new to windev. I've created a project with windev 21 that worked fine after a setup and install. I just added groupware - first time using it. The program works perfect when I run it in test mode. When I compile it to an exe and run the exe, I get "user does not exist". On my development desktop, my data files are in the exe folder and the groupware files are in a gpw subfolder. Running this exe gives me this error.

I get the same error when I create a setup file and install to my laptop.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Bill


Hey Bill,

You don't say what you've done so far, e.g; "I just added groupware", and I'm not surprised that test mode and the installed system exhibit different results; groupware wouldn't be the 1st or the last area of WX to work differently in the 2 modes.

I'm by no means an expert in User Groupware, but doesn't it require at least 1 "supervisor" user to exist? Maybe that's why you're seeing the "user does not exist" error?


von DarrenF - am 12.09.2016 13:54

Sorry for not fully explaining...I setup "Automatic user groupware" with auto run, default directory (sub dir of config), entirely managed by groupware.

All of my files are hfsql classic.

When I start my app from the IDE, I get the login screen followed by popup options start app, configure groupware, close. Running the exe, I get the login screen but only the "user does not exist" msg.

I verified the groupware file are in the gpw_ subfolder to the exe folder by adding a new user and saw the mod date for the gpu_user files changed.


von Bill Quinn - am 12.09.2016 14:11

As you're experiencing issues with your installed app, maybe it's some groupware setting(s) missing from your install package?


von DarrenF - am 12.09.2016 15:05
Hi Darren,

That's most likely the problem...but I don't know what I've missed. For the install pkg, I have included the groupware subfolder in the library; I've selected Common data dir for all apps/users for the groupware and data files; framework is included; no specific privileges; standard setup; the gpu_ files are shown in files installed;

Looking at my exe folder on my develoment desktop that includes my data files, there is no ini file. Should there be one? If so, is there an automated way to create one?


von Bill Quinn - am 12.09.2016 17:42
Hello Bill,

You can debug the compiled exe and trace the code execution to find the problem.


von Al - am 12.09.2016 17:59
Hi Al,

Thanks but I just tried that (project, test mode, start & debug exe) and immediately get "user does not exist". One further detail I haven't mentioned...the background for the Identification header on the login screen is blue if I test from the IDE and is the color of my project style when running the exe. It seems as if there is a disconnect with the data files and the exe.

von Bill Quinn - am 12.09.2016 19:09
Hello Bill

A few things to try:

Delete all the groupware files, the autorun should create them if they are missing and it shoiuld then just have a single "Supervisor" user

Failing that, put a STOP command as the first entry in the project init code. That should hopefully start the debugger before the autorun of the groupware.

Failing that, put some STOP commands into the groupware windows

Failing that, turn off the groupware autorun and run it manually in the project init and then you will definitely be able to trace everything. There is an example with code in the Examples folder as "WD User Groupware"


von Al - am 12.09.2016 22:16
Hi Al,

Thank you for the suggestions! I'll give them a try and let you know what I find out.


von Bill Quinn - am 13.09.2016 02:41
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