question on strings

Startbeitrag von Allard am 13.09.2016 14:21

Hi . I am stugling with a string. Maybe a stupid quiestion but here it goes

I have a string in this format 1111/20150202
The / is the seperator but can be contained in the string as well

so I cannot use left or string extract.

I need to remove the last part with is always a date format yyyymmdd.

If I use right I get that date so that is not good .

I would really appricate some help on this . Thanks

The first part( the part that I need) can be a lot of digits. the part that needs to be removed is always the date format YYYYMMDD




Hi ,

Solved it . Sorry for asking



von Allard - am 13.09.2016 14:28
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