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[WD21] Very bad PDF printing problems

Startbeitrag von Ola am 14.09.2016 09:02

Hi all,

In my ERP I have a single document report (done with the report editor) that handles all the document types of several order systems. The documents can be printed to paper, with preview, or emailed with a cover message (after first printing directly to pdf). The cover message can be viewed and edited in a window and the pdf can be previewed there, too.

Or I had it. I don't have it any more. After working all summer with the ERP in WD21 and almost getting the new version ready, I now tested also the emailing feature of this report, and to my great horror:(, it does not work any more!

Printing to paper and previewing work perfectly, but when printed to pdf, either directly, or from the the preview, the output has large black squares and lines hiding most of the header and the footer, leaving only the row items properly visible. The pdf is unuseable, it cannot be sent.

I had no problems like this in WD19, and I haven't done any changes to the report since "upgrading" to WD21. At least I don't remember having done any changes...

I wonder if anybody else has experienced this with WD21?

Any hints? Is this a new feature in WD21, or should I start searching for problems in my code? What could possibly cause a problem like this?

Best regards


Hi Ola,

Did you already check if this problem is not related to the printer that you use? Even when printing to PDF, the printer driver can have influence.

I do not have this kind of problem in WD21 so otherwise i assume there is 'something' in your code or report that WD21 does not like anymore.

Kind regards,


von Joris - am 14.09.2016 09:24
Hi Joris,

Thanks for response. No changes in printers. I tested in both Win 8.1 and XPSP3, both having as local default printers old HP Laserjet 1320 workhorses.

I am totally flabbergasted.with this!


von Ola - am 14.09.2016 09:47
Are you using a 'Background Image' in the report

von iso - am 14.09.2016 10:20
Hi iso,

Yes and no, the report uses different layouts according to parameter settings, some with scanned background images (TIF) and some without.

I was just doing some more testing with different parameter settings, and found out that, indeed, this problem seems to be connected with the background images (and bar codes)! The layouts without images seem to work fine, even when printed to pdf!


von Ola - am 14.09.2016 10:44
Hi Ola,

I had the same problem i had to change all my background Images to jpg/png

I think it might be something to do with the PDF/A-1b parameter which was added in WD21, i couldnt get it to work correctly so as i said i ended up changing all the background images to jpg and pngs


von iso - am 14.09.2016 11:00
Hi Ola, please, download the HP drivers for your printer from HP and do not rely on the automatically supplied drivers from Microsoft. And yes, a background picture could influence it too.

von GuenterP - am 14.09.2016 11:09
Hi Ola,
just to be sure that you don't have a printer driver problem, "print to pdf" selecting the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer".

If it works their:
either You have a problem with your drivers
You have a problem with YOUR margins

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 14.09.2016 11:32
Hi all,

I tested pdf printing with several drivers and programs, and had no problems with them. Only WD21 has this problem.

It definitively was the images, which were in tif format. I made png copies of them and replaced them to the report, and it solved the problem. Obviously PCSoft has decided that tif format is now obsolete.

Thanks to all, and a special honorable citation to ici!

And let's not forget PCSoft, who helped me to waste a full day with one of their nearly 1000 new WD21-features!

Best regards

von Ola - am 14.09.2016 13:05
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