Open Source alpha360 erp - v0.2 published

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 14.09.2016 18:57

Hi everybody,
we just published v0.2 of our Open Source ERP _AND_
2 NEW VIDEO PRESENTATIONs - they are now on our website.

Version 0.2 is actually our first beta of the product, since v0.1 was just a show case.

Version 0.2 includes:
Party and Product Data Models and Business Processes
The complete UI code - NOT the one that was in v0.1
Translation and Help code

V0.3 will follow in 2 weeks with more technical videos and a general cleanup.
V0.4 will follow in 1 month - and will include accounting and transactions _AND_ the first version of the WEBDEV implementation.

The documentation - in the course area - will be updated this weekend.

thanks everybody for your support

Steven Sitas


I have just watched both videos - great work, both informative and entertaining.
Already looking forward to v0.4.

Without a doubt this is going to be a major resource for many WD programmers, especially new users, as the project evolves.:spos:

von DerekT - am 15.09.2016 10:50
Hi DerekT,

thanks for your kind words

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 15.09.2016 11:28
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