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[WD20] Corrupt memo file... [SOLVED]

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 15.09.2016 22:23

Hi guys,

I have an issue on a customer site:

Unable to read the memo of < C:\path\Product_Description.mmo > file.
The memo structure is corrupted.
Try to repair the memo via the hCheckMemo constant of HCheckIndex function, or via the HFSQL Control Center.

The application runs in HF classic mode, and obviously I don't have anything in my code to readily use hCheckMemo to check this and I can't use HFSQL control center to fix the issue because it's running in classic mode.

I DO have a general utility available that allows the selection of a file and runs HIndex on the file (Product_Descrption in this case) - will this HIndex function fix corruptions in memo files?

...if not, are there any alternative fixes of this without me having to change my app and re-releasing a new version of it?

Any ideas greatly appreciated...


Re: [WD20] Corrupt memo file...

Hello Darren

A quick solution would be to load a copy of WDMap onto the client site. I think you need the WDOutil.wdk as well as the wdmap.exe. Open the .fic file in WDMap and then use the:
Reindex > Custom > "Reindex while checking memos" option to repair the memo.
I would take a copy of the .fic and .mmo first though in case there is a better way. When it is done you can delete the WDmap.


von Al - am 15.09.2016 22:31

Re: [WD20] Corrupt memo file...

Thanks Al - I wasn't aware that WDMap could do that as I've never had a corrupt data file issue before. I also have a very trusting customer, so could probably fix the data locally.

Can you see any issues if I were to get the users of the system, copy the FIC, MMO and NDX "Product_Description" files to my local machine - fix the data as you describe and copy the files back? ...can't see a problem myself, but just asking to see if there are any "gotchas"?

von DarrenF - am 15.09.2016 23:16

Re: [WD20] Corrupt memo file...

Hello Darren

No problem at all - I work very closely in a development environment with a few clients and we are moving test data backwards and forwards all the time.
You really don't need the ndx file as WDMap will offer to create it as soon as you open the file.


von Al - am 15.09.2016 23:31

Re: [WD20] Corrupt memo file...

Cheers Al - didn't think there'd be an issue... :spos:

von DarrenF - am 15.09.2016 23:37

Re: [WD20] Corrupt memo file...

Hi Darren,

If you have solved your problem with Al's post there is no need to read further ...

Another good idea would be to create an HFSQL C/S database - on your machine or your clients machine - and import your Classic files in this C/S database.
Then you can use the control center and rebuild indexes and memos _AND_ then copy back your files to your classic installation.

I had this problem in the past - in a v19 installation.
WDMap couldn't fix it, but for some reason the same functions from the control center did the job !!!

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 16.09.2016 07:13

Re: [WD20] Corrupt memo file...

Thanks for the "heads up" Steven.

Another potential issue crossed my mind; because WDMap has the Analysis on the window at runtime, I can only presume that it uses it in some way? ...so I'll need to be careful, as the Analysis used in the current version of my dev project has "moved on".

Thanks again guys - much appreciated... :cheers:

von DarrenF - am 16.09.2016 07:29

Re: [WD20] Corrupt memo file...

Just thinking ahead; does anyone out there automate the checking and fixing of indices in their project code using HCheckIndex and HIndex? ...or do the checks and re-indexing take too long if you have loads of files to be checked?

von DarrenF - am 16.09.2016 13:36

Re: [WD20] Corrupt memo file...

Corrupt data solved by copying the offending set of files to my local machine and using (as Al suggested), WDMap and then copying back to users machine, ensuring I used WD20 WDMap and the customers current .wdd Analysis definition.

von DarrenF - am 16.09.2016 23:50
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