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How to move from classic to client/server

Startbeitrag von Lee Shroder am 16.09.2016 11:49

Dear fellow windev developers,

I am hoping someone can help point me in the right direction with an issue when changing database table connections.

I have an application that uses a hyperfile classic analysis with files locally in the executable directory. This all works absolutely fine. Within this analysis I have links for relationships between some of the tables.

I want to change the source location for 95% of these tables to a HFCS Client/Server which I have already setup and with the following commands I am able to do this for any table that has no links.

Server is Connection

// Parameters of the connection
Server..Provider = hAccessHFClientServer
Server..User = "Admin"
Server..Password = ""
Server..Server = "RLSXPS1:4900"
Server..Database = "FRM"
Server..CryptMethod = hCryptNo

// Opening the connection
IF HOpenConnection(Server) = False THEN



IF HChangeConnection(FreeText,Server)= False THEN




//Info("New Connection",HNbRec(FreeText))
IF HCreationIfNotFound(FreeText) = True THEN

FreeText.FreeText = "TEST"



However when we try to perform this task on a table that has links we get the following error:-

Error at line 24 of Global Procedure DatabaseConnect process.
HCreationIfNotFound function called.
The constraint for referential integrity links a file found on a HFSQL server to a file that does not use the Client/Server mode. This is not allowed.

Can anyone offer some advice on how to resolve this please?

Thank you for any assistance,

Lee Shroder



Indeed, it is not possible to use a integrity constraint between a classic file and a file in client/server mode.
This is because :
- in classic mode the integrity rules are checked by your application executable itself
- in client/server mode the integrity rules are checked by the database server itself

Kind regards,

von Joris - am 16.09.2016 12:20
Hi Joris,

Thank you for your response, however the final desired result is to move all tables that have constraints to the client server. The only tables I want to hold locally are standalone tables. Is this not possible?

Kindest Regards,


von Lee Shroder - am 16.09.2016 12:29
Hi Lee

of course it is possible...

just :

1. deactivate integrity management
2. loop on all files
3. reactivate integrity management

Fully functional example available in clWXR_DB:InitDB of WXReplication

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 16.09.2016 13:04
Thank you so much Fabrice for pointing me in the right direction, my headache has now all gone thanks to your guidance :)


von Lee Shroder - am 16.09.2016 14:18
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