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[WD21] Windev21.exe (WINDEV21) - Win32 has stopped working

Startbeitrag von Ola am 20.09.2016 20:39

Appcrash Windev21.exe

I get these two errors currently approximately a couple of times per week. WD crashes when it is opened, and I have to start looking for the reason.

First I get this:

Windev21.exe (WINDEV21) - Win32 has stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: WINDEV21.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 576aa2cf
Fault Module Name: WDFEN.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 575ed78e
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0027ece1
OS Version: 6.3.9600.
Locale ID: 1035
Additional Information 1: 5861
Additional Information 2:

Additional Information 3: 6ee2
Additional Information 4:


And a second one as soon as the firsy error window is closed:

Windev21.exe (WINDEV21) - Win32 has stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: WINDEV21.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 576aa2cf
Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.3.9600.18233
Fault Module Timestamp: 56bb4e1d
Exception Code: c0150010
Exception Offset: 000a6d29
OS Version: 6.3.9600.
Locale ID: 1035
Additional Information 1: 29c0
Additional Information 2:

Additional Information 3: 1584
Additional Information 4:


It took me some time to find out that usually one of the latest edited windows (.wdw) is the culprit, or the project..env file. So restoring one of them at a time and then trying to re-open the project usually solves the proble, This happens with my main app, an ERP, which is quite large. It hasn't happened with small projects, so far.

But working with WD21 is so frustrating. WD quality has come down from WD19 like a cow's tail, and even in 19 it wasn't too good.

I no longer dare to backup my apps after closing them, until I have re-opened and re-closed them to see that they really do re-open!

Development time: not much faster than zero!

Best regards


Hello Ola

My method is to always delete the cpl folder before starting any work. I got into this habit around V16 and I very rarely have problems.

I also run the old style menus rather than the ribbon but I can't imagine that would have any effect on stability. I have stuck to Win7 pro and will continue to do so on my development computer as long as possible. My development computer has 32gb of RAM and there are marked differences in stability - mainly the debugger - and obviously performance, if I have to use my laptop which only has 8gb and runs Win10


von Al - am 20.09.2016 20:55
Hi Ola,

why don't you backup your project BEFORE closing it, using the included utility, and creating a different project backup per day?

This way you always have a solution and you can keep as many versions as you like...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.09.2016 20:57
I have to agree with Ola that v21 is nowhere near as stable as earlier versions.

I used to very rarely have this problem whereas it now happens on my large projects probably 50% of the time I open them. Deleting the CPL folder doesn't make a difference; deleting the ENV file does but of course you then have to reload all the windows etc you were working on. I have recently (ie. the last week or so) started taking a copy of my ENV file when I exit WD & if I get the crash I copy that back. That has worked moderately well so far (3 out of 4 attempts) but I don't know why. I had previously tried restoring it from backups without success


von David Egan - am 21.09.2016 01:46
Hi guys

I wonder whether the memory size has much effect on this. I have 16 GB on my development laptop, and my biggest project directory (without sub-directories) has only some 317 MB in 1780 files and not nearly all of them are in the memory at the same time.

I do not delete the .cpl directory systematically every time before I open a project, only when I experience some weird, unexplainable behavior in Windev (which is quite too often). Maybe I should, but that is again another brake on the development speed.

Like Al, I also try to avoid new OS's as long as possible. I've had more than my fair share of their child diseases, starting from DOS and Windows 286. My WX runs (on those occasions when and if it runs) on a Win 8.1, and I have a spare WX installation on a Win 7.

This problem really is another effective brake which keeps the development speed down and even makes backuping problematic. Daily backup using WD's own backup system, which backs up "everything", is very slow, compared to copying only those files that have changed, further slowing down the development speed.

I really think that PCSoft should take a good grab of their own neck, and start to do something meaningful in return for our good money -- like fixing the general quality of WX instead of just adding thousands of mostly useless and often buggy features - which again only increases the instability of the system. And slows the development speed down.

Windev - ten times faster than a dead snail!

Best regards

P.S. What are they doing there in Montpellier? Just taking snapshots of skinny long-legged minimally dressed girls sitting and lying on and amidst enlarged WX22 boxes? I admit that must be more fun than trying to find the countless bugs from their speed records breaking software.:rp:

von Ola - am 21.09.2016 10:41
I am experiencing this a coulpe of times each week. Everything seems to work OK when I save the project, but when I re-open it the next day, I get this error. Very frustrating indeed.:angry:

It seems that "developing" the 1000 -- give or take a few -- new buggy features and photographing the long-legged hungry-looking girls among the enlarged WX boxes take all the time in Montpellier, no time left for fixing the bugs.

I wish I could do the same. Creating new featurers only is great fun, fixing bugs is boring.


von Ola - am 06.10.2016 07:47
Hi Ola,

did you switch on the Telemetry Checkbox "I want to take part in the improvement of WINDEV" in the Windev-options? This should notify our friends in Montpellier of each and every such an error.

Next, look at all of the options and switch off those you really don't need. Looks like that in my WD-installations:

[attachment 2188 Ashampoo_Snap_2016.10.06_11h00m35s_002_GeneralWINDEVoptions.png]

von GuenterP - am 06.10.2016 09:02
Hi Guenter,

Thanks for the hint. I checked the telemetry checkbox. Do I also have to connect to their telemetry server?

But I wonder if this does any good. If I had all those good looking girls hanging around the empty boxes in my warehouse, like they do in Montpellier, I'd rather be photographing them, and feeding the one who looks like about to starve in a couple of hours:


Best regards

von Ola - am 06.10.2016 10:02
Hi Ola, no, just check the Telemetry CheckBox ...

von GuenterP - am 06.10.2016 13:15
I almost never have my Windev environment crash. I use Win 10 Pro (insider preview) in the slow ring. So it should be more risky, but have found that it seems very stable as long as I stay with the slow ring.

My rig is a refurbished HP Elitepro 8760W workstation laptop with 16 gig of memory and NVidia graphics that I can connect to a docking station. I have found that using older high end hardware tends to be more stable than newer hardware with video drivers that have not been around very long.

I do use tools like OO Shutup 10 to turn off every new "feature" possible. If I could buy Windows Enterprise as an individual I would, as I would love to be able to totally remove Cortana and the Windows store.

I like the older Elitebooks because they are very well built with easily replaceable parts, are cheap to buy, are designed to MilSpec standards and have loads of replacement parts available on Ebay when needed. That they are available refurbished for less than $500 is a nice bonus.

von Donald Montaine - am 06.10.2016 15:26

So far I am staying in the "no way ring" as far as Win 1o is concerned.

I confirm from my own experience that graphics-heavy apps are prone to video driver problems. At one time (NT era) Ventura publisher was somewhat unstable, but it stabilized, when I installed a Matrox video card, which as that time was told to be one of the few (the only one?) cards with a reliable NT driver. Also I learned to turn off all possible graphics enhancers and "turbochargers" from the video drivers.

Windev is also a little like a page layout program; you position graphics around in a window...

But generally, it is not a very common solution to change the hardware when the software has problems. In this case the problem obviously is in Windev. I do not remember having this in WD19, but it is a frequent visitor in WD21. My development machine is the same.

best regards

von Ola - am 17.10.2016 17:57
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