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Visual Studio + 3rd party tools vs WINDEV 12+

Startbeitrag von BLS am 15.08.2010 22:50

Well, here I am..
Some of you may remember that we / I gave up WINDEV team development 'cause of SCM trouble.
Now using SVN in conjunction with Visual Studio makes at least the team-development part. a pleasure.

Fulfilling your development task in time, on the other hand, is nearly impossible.

Due to the fact that we need more than plain vanilla NET Controls our decision was to use DevExpress (NET) . Indeed DevExpress controls are very flexible. But you have to pay a high price. . An extraordinary steep learning curve
(And you have to use a 3 party tool to produce acceptable results)

Just this. Modifying an db table, which you almost do by using a third party tool, has definitely zero impact on your GUI front end.

Visual Studio is an excellent programming tool. C sharp(same is valid for VB Net) however has, after using it now for 2 years. some nasty quirks. just this int i; i is not initialized to 0, so you have to take care about if i == null situations. otherwise RuntimeException.
This is not the place to talk about C# but you better install a unit test package asap.

My 2 cents
Whenever WD comes along with a rock-solid, bullet proofed SCM I am back.
In other words, if you think about making a switch to Visual Studio, keep in mind that all the shiny things in VS.have their price. Time. (10 times slower, is the optimistic view)


Wow, between a rock and a hard place......

I use SCM and I know of some of its quirks and incompleteness, but I think I will live with it as is and hope for 1 or 2 improvements when the next 555 new features are announced.



von issah - am 16.08.2010 09:44
Hello Bjorn,

Good to hear from you.
Did I listen well?!!
Are you almost back?
How is your last project? Completed?

von Frans - am 16.08.2010 16:44
Hi Bjorn,

What version of VS are you running? I stopped working with it for a while
because of little annoyances in the interface. (2008 used to crash quite a
bit on me, element naming convention kinda blew, the help system angered

Wondering if 2010 is much improved?


von Georgio - am 16.08.2010 21:16
Hi Bjorn, needs to be very macho and very humble to make this post. Congratulations.
I see some bad problems with WinDev, but I don't regret that I left VS with C Sharp behind.
I just wish WinDev could do Windows, Linux and OS X natively, like Lazarus does.
Welcome back.

von Marco Rego - am 17.08.2010 01:29

Chapeau, Bjoern-san ! And welcome !

Thank you for your statement that VS development is 10x slower, it's about the same experiece as we've had. 10x slower = 10x the money spent. Means, for developers WinDev is a chance to save an enormous amount of time = money / bucks / Euros whatever! In other words, it's a competitive way to offer projects, let your customer save 5x the amount and let yourself earn 5x the money. In reality, of course, it will not work out like that, but 3x for each of the partners would be a good deal anyway.

Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 20.08.2010 09:51

Welcome back to home!!

Anyway, sometime some customers ask me :
Q: Which tools do you use to develop your application?
A: I'm using Windev from Pcsoft!!.

General surprise:
Q: What is it?? Why don't use Microsoft products??
A: Because it is 10 time faster than MS products...

Q: Ahh but all other companies are using Vs, why you not?
A: .....no reply....but, once i show him the application simply running from a Pendrive without installing nothing in his pc, he remains shocked!!

Final: I'm using Windev since V8 and i can assure you, now i have the REAL free time to do other things OUT OF MY JOB TIME...before was not possible...because other tools require to work in the week-end, during night time, etc etc, to finish an application.

Vive Windev......en francais!!


von Gianni Spano - am 20.08.2010 11:09
Well, here I am..
Some of you may remember that we / I gave up WINDEV team development 'cause of SCM trouble.
Now using SVN in conjunction with Visual Studio makes at least the team-development part. a pleasure.

At my day job we use SVN with Clarion. We save Clarion's .APP file there. No merge capability and all the fancy stuff, but just a safe repository.

Do you think there is a way to save WD's stuff in SVN?

von Art Bonds - am 24.08.2010 03:57
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