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[WB21] Ajax table - How to get row info in browser code on the "onmouseover" event

Startbeitrag von Peter Holemans am 22.09.2016 12:59


I've been banging my head on this for a couple of hours.
The situation:
- Ajax table
- One container column with an icon
- Icon has an Ajaxexecuteasynchronous call on the onmouseover event in browser code
- This call requires to pass a key value from the row that is being hovered over (in order to show a hover form with more detailed data)

The issue:
I cannot find a solution to get the key data from the table row that is actually being hovered over.
Has anybody been able to get something similar to work?
TableInfoXY() doesn't exist in WB so it seems it is not possible but it seems such a basic idea that I see in many other web apps.

Any hints?


Peter Holemans



use a looper. It gives you way more control



von Allard - am 22.09.2016 18:55
Hi Allard,

Can you be more precise on the 'how'?
LooperInfoXY() is (like TableInfoXY) NOT available in browser code...


Peter Holemans

von Peter Holemans - am 23.09.2016 05:53
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