WM20 - Generation

Startbeitrag von ICI am 22.09.2016 17:18

I work with my project without any problem. Generate Android application few times.
In one moment I get this message. After that, every time I generate .apk I get this message.
Try to delete cpl and android folder but without positive result.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Thank you !

Click here to see error message !


Hi. You have a program to clean or optimize your computer? Then it has deleted files of temporal WM framework folder. Go to \appdata\local\temp folder and delete the FRMK_Android_XXXXXXXX. When you generate again the app then WM recreate again the folder with all the needed files.


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 22.09.2016 19:23
Yes. You are absolutely right. I have cCleaner.
After deleting folders which start with "FRMK_Android_" everything works fine.

Because today is my birthday you make this day easier for me.

Thank you !

von ICI - am 22.09.2016 21:10
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