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Terrible Image Quality on Reports

Startbeitrag von Stephen Myers.pcs.crosspost am 18.08.2010 04:54

When printing a simple Report with a color logo, I get horrible quality on the print. I've tried different formats (png, gif, jpg, pdf) all with the same result. I've also tried using a larger image and scaling it Homothetic as well as formatting the image to the exact size needed prior to adding it to the report.

Does anyone know how to get a logo or any image to print without distortion in the reports?

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There's also a HQ-checkbox (high quality) at the bottom of the display-mode-combo on the general tab when "describing an image". Did you see that?

von Arie - am 18.08.2010 07:32
also your image must be at least 300 dpi

von jem - am 18.08.2010 12:59
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