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[WB 20] Tooltip on table cell

Startbeitrag von Luis Antonio Gutiérrez Flores am 27.09.2016 15:22

Is there a way to apply a tooltip to a specific cell in a table? The tooltip property is not available for cells, I can just show the same tooltip for everything in the column.



I have added an info icon in a cell to tablecell to show the tooltip for this tablecell when the mouse is hovering over it. Maybe if you add a cell first to all tablecells ?

ROW Display process of the Table_Lines
TABLE_Lines[nIndex].COL_Info.CELL_ExtraRemarks.IMG_ShowDetailsIcon..ToolTip = COL_ExtraDetails

I hope PCSoft would add this and also included the CellPosition when you hover over the cell.


von Danny Lauwers - am 28.09.2016 08:11
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