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Windows Mobile 7

Startbeitrag von Hans60 am 19.08.2010 16:06

According some news I just read Windows Mobile 7 will hit the market in October. Does any one know if old applications also run on them?



Hi Hans,

sorry, but previous Windows Mobile and CE apps will not run on Windows Mobile 7.

ofcourse a 3rd party could come up with a windows mobile 5/6 emulator but it won't be MS.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 19.08.2010 18:15
so we are actually working on software products to be soon obsolete. Very strange that PC Soft does not mention anything about the future of Windev Mobile in regard to Mobile OS 7,
or is Androide the alternative. Do we have to expect, that Windev itself will not run on future Win OS. That would mean only one option VS as far as I see.....

von Hans60 - am 19.08.2010 20:27
Hi Hans

if I remember correctly my readings:
- windows mobile 7 is not replacing 6, but is going to be available at the same time, 7 being dedicated to general public, while 6 is the professional version (both systems are NOT compatible)
- PCSoft said earlier this year that a version of Windev mobile for windows mobile 7 would be available 'later this year'

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 19.08.2010 22:00
Hi Fabrice,
ok, that sounds much better. I guess a lot of user will jump right away on to the new version, even folks who I never expected, run nowadays around using iPhone...
Windows 6 misses the killer features like zoom & finger gestures etc which made iPhone so popular.
Thanks and regards

von Hans60 - am 20.08.2010 06:37
Hi Hans

personally, I think that windows 7 has very little chance to get a significant market share, with the iPhone being what it is, and Android cell-phones in general now being activated FASTER than the iPhone

If you want to develop for mobiles with windev, my current choice would definitely be android

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 23.08.2010 13:46
Hi Fabrice,
well I am not so sure about it, it probably depends on the deals they make with mobile companies. MS has a lot of marketing power.
Many user do not like the Google way of acquiring data. There is a hesitation amongst user, at least where I live. MS has in this respect a more neutral position.
Also iPhone has the disadvantage that it is a closed to restrictive environment all applications look a like and every one has the bloody phone so there is no individuality.

Anyway... is there a tutorial how to convert a Mobile application in to Android project? Or is it just a simple import ?


von Hans60 - am 24.08.2010 08:55
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