[WD20]Custom common framework

Startbeitrag von Yaku am 30.09.2016 08:42

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to set up a common framework among several Windev apps.
I found out that choosing the "Common WinDev framework" during the creation of the exe, and downloading the .dll files through the pcsoft.fr portal, the freshly downloaded framework appears in the ".\Program files\Common Files\PC SOFT\20.0\Framework" directory.
I'm wondering... Is there a way to change this path, with all the Windev applications pointing at the new directory?


Hi Yaku,
according to help, this is at a fixed directory.

You can use a "renamed framework" but then, there are some limitations (.net etc)

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 30.09.2016 09:03
Hi Steven,
thank you for your quick response.
I've tried the "renamed framework" as well (considering the fact that the limitations doesn't affect me), and it just put the .ddls in what we obtain by using the function fExeDir(), without the option to move them somewhere

von Yaku - am 30.09.2016 09:49
Hello Yaku

You can leave them where they are and modify the operating system path to point to that folder.



von Al - am 30.09.2016 17:35
Hi Al,
That's what I wanted! Thank you very much!

von Yaku - am 01.10.2016 08:00
EDIT: this method works very well with Windev applications with just the .exe file in their respective folders.
However, I'm finding some issues with running the framework aforementioned with Windows Services created by Windev... After some thoughts, I've figured out that the major problem is that the service that I'm testing with is run by the "AccountLocalSystem" user, and it cannot properly see the environment variables (I think..), so the Service, after the installation, remains stuck at "Starting" state...
Any hints on how to get through this problem?

von Yaku - am 04.10.2016 13:00
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