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WB19 - How to make a report with totals by month

Startbeitrag von Joel am 30.09.2016 14:28

Here's another one of those things that I would would be easy, but I'm struggling with it. I have a data source with "date of payment" and "Amount Paid". I want a report that totals by month. Simple, right? I can easily get a report that lists all the payments in order by date, but can't see how to group by date in the report. Any ideas?


Hi Joel,
if you want to have ONLY TOTALs the best thing is to use a Group by query.
1) Just go and create a simple query with your transaction table
2) In this query select the Date field and on the right select Year/Month ->Month
3) Select also the Amount Paid and on the right select SUM
4) Use this query for your Report

Thats it ...

a couple of important things ...
1) the only fields that can be shown in the Query must be the Date and Amount Paid.
2) If you need other fields - like for filtering - you must hide them -> Click on the eye and select don't display.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 30.09.2016 15:00
Hi Steven - and thanks!

I should have mentioned this sooner, but I am using SQL queries in my project instead of the WebDev Query maker. I'm sure it would be easier using the Query maker, but the way I've got my system set up I can't use them. I'm currently working off of a table - I have the data brought in and displayed through the Table from the SQL query and then I'm trying to make the report off the Table Control. Any ideas there?

Thanks anyway for taking the time to respond!


von Joel - am 30.09.2016 15:19
Hi Joel,

You can still use the "Query maker" to write the SQL for you and just click the "show code" icon to convert it.

von DarrenF - am 30.09.2016 15:33
That's right! I forgot about that!


von Joel - am 30.09.2016 15:41
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