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Startbeitrag von Amal Murali am 01.10.2016 08:40


Hope Everyone is doing good!!!

I have some scenario where one of my Customer where a Windev 20 application is running with HFSQL 20 database with a data load of around 1.3Gb, and now the customer would like to migrate to ORACLE Database.

So i would like to know which Oracle Database should i purchase and what all additional licenses should i purchase from PC SOFT like native connectors. I just want to make sure that everything works fine on his HP SERVER( 16GB RAM/1TB HDD/ SERVER 2012 OS) having around 50 concurrent users of which 40 users are connected from remote locations to Server.

What all difficulties might i suffer in Developments, Queries, Data migration etc..It would be a great help if my fellow mates could advise on the same.

Thanks in advance



You may use Oracle v12.1.0.2 and buy Native Driver from pcSoft that makes
life easier for the transitions from hfSql to Oracle DB by using Hxxx... functions
to access Oracle directly. The shipped native drivers come with all versions starting
from current version 21 (ie 21,20,19...) and should have 64/32-bits.

But the learning path by using Oracle DB is a challenge (ie 10 times effort
to get over a complicated project) and I would prefer SqlServer 2016 instead
if you really wanna go for Enterprise DB paradigm.

If you wanna go for super speed, try swapping out HP 1TB HD into HP Enterprise SSD's,it has 3 yr warranty by writing data 60GB per day. The newest one should have a
speed of 12G / s instead of 6G SATA III but you have to check it out carefully
your HP Server Spec. What is the current model of your customer's HPServer ?

You should think carefully before migrating to Oracle DB esp. if you are NOT
an expert of oracle administrator ie lots of backend tunnings with back and forth
for just getting started.



von kingdr - am 01.10.2016 11:42
Thanks KING for the Reply!!:cheers:

Its my first venture to migrate to an enterprise database like Oracle..What do u advice about the queries which i have already coded for HJFSQL works fine with ORACLE?
The Customer is migrating mainly because of the lag in loading the bulk data(around 1.4Gb).

HP ML380 is the Server and as you said its running on 3*300GB SSD drives and still i hope the lag is from database and from the queries.

von Amal Murali - am 01.10.2016 13:57

Actually I am using ML380 with 2x200GB HP Enterprise SSD but with other DB on Linux,
it is super fast and other with SSD with SqlServer 2012 and also super fast.

You have to work-around and justify by yourself as it is 100% fully transparent to Oracle with native drive but is is certainly helpful.

The conversion takes time as my guess even if you are an expert in Oracle as I have done
many times in Oracle with PLSQL Storeprocs and Jave SPs with windev, I still prefer to use sqlServer instead because of simplicity in db admin level.

Believe or not, hfSql is the best combo for moible phones, webApp and backend DB though the performance can not be compared to Enterprise DB.

Enjoy of using Oracle DB with wx...



von kingdr - am 01.10.2016 14:37
sorry for my typo and it should be " as it is NOT 100% fully transparent to..."

von kingdr - am 01.10.2016 14:39
Hi Amal,

If you are going to work with an external DB like Oracle (or MS SQL) I highly recommend making an investment in Navicat. I use it to manage all my MS SQL DB's and can not recommend it enough.



von steve erts - am 01.10.2016 17:21
Hi Steve,

Can Navicat replace the need for WDModfic... i.e. external DB's cannot use WDModfic to re-structure data after the Analysis has been changed?

von DarrenF - am 02.10.2016 17:29
Hi Amal,

I would echo King's comments. Oracle could be seen as a "silver bullet" to solve your DB performance woes, but I would definitely consider King's comments before taking the leap into the "murky" world of Oracle. Just the question I asked Steve (above) is enough to make me think twice before moving away from HFSQL.

von DarrenF - am 02.10.2016 17:46
Hi Darren,

Yes. I keep a baseline DB in SQL Server and Navicat has a compare function that builds all the DB scripts for me when I have to deploy changes on an installed site.


von steve erts - am 03.10.2016 00:46
Hiii Thanks to everyone for sparing your time with my topic;

"KING" How would you rate using SQL Server in LINUX? Also let me know how if Postgresql on LINUX? Have you tried anything with ORACLE? If yes how would you suggest the possibilities of conversion of Data Base tables and Structure from HFSQL to Oracle ?

"STEVE" Thanks for your reply..I have tried that and couldn't find any way to Data Base tables and Structure from HFSQL to Postgresql..Expecting a bit wider review on the same.

Thanks in advance

von Amal Murali - am 03.10.2016 11:35

It's an exciting feature of sqlServer 2016 in Linux, if functionality works 100% same
in Windows OS, I will rate it 4 of 5 and you will never know as msSql is 100% binding to
Windows OS. Yes I had projects with wd7.5 with Oracle DB 11g back in 1998-2005.
It works but it's tedious. Conversion from hfSql to any Enterprise DB always takes
time and lots of pains but it's OK to do it once and forever.

I am still using hfSql and sqlServer 2012 (esp for reporting, it is super fast and
I never create any index on sql2012 even some tables have 15+ million records),
the reason to use hfSql is for iPhone/PAD with hfSql DB on linux/Windows server,
with mission critical insert/update records and sync to sqlServer for SQL query,
>200 users)

never have time to try out other enterprise DB so I can't make any comment.

ps provided msSql in linux is stable or back to Windows OS is the best anyhow.



von kingdr - am 03.10.2016 18:37
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