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Problem with dynamic tabs - undocked tab losts focus

Startbeitrag von Alexander WinDev am 05.10.2016 07:01

I have a problem with dynamic tabs.
There is a dynamic tab control with several tab panes. All have table controls with CRUD buttons.
When I undock tab pane, it works correctly (all information displayed, processes executes etc).
But when I push any CRUD button on undocked pane (already window) the focus is switched to window with dynamic tab, undocked tab (window) goes to background and the update form or dialog is displayed in foreground.
I tested this issue with all kinds of standard dialogs (YesNo, Info, Error, Dialog, ToastDisplay, Open, ...) and it is reproducible: tab pane placed to background and message displayed over the window with dynamic tab.

Is it possible to avoid (solve) this? I can't disable this feature because it is very important for users. Any ideas?


Hi Alexander,
we saw this problem when designing the UI for the Open Source alpha360 erp.
Since our UI code allows undocked windows, without the use of the undock feature, we turned undocking OFF in the dynamic tab and considered the "problem" closed.

A possible workaround is to keep info of which window opened which window AND use the setfocus functions in a series of calls. But it is a lot of work ...

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 05.10.2016 11:40
Hi Steven,

Did you report this bug to PCSoft? It makes undocking option of a dynamic tab useless.


von Adri - am 05.10.2016 12:20
Hi Adri,

Since it takes some time and effort to communicate this kind of problems to PCSoft, we just moved on - we are really on a tight schedule these days ...
I just kept a note on the problem, waiting for someone else to come up with the subject _and_ Alexander was the "lucky" one.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 05.10.2016 12:32
Hi Steven,

Unless someone shows me the light, I will do so.


von Adri - am 05.10.2016 13:29
The bug is confirmed by PCSoft.


von Adri - am 14.10.2016 07:42
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