geoGetAddress [WD21]

Startbeitrag von iso am 05.10.2016 11:01


Im trying to use the command in WD21:


but i get the following error:

Error:'geoGetAddress' function not allowed in WinDev.
Use a compilation condition () or a conditional target code to process the

ive tried the exact example taken from the help guide to test:

// Retrieves the address of a monument
MyAddress is Address
MyAddress = geoGetAddress("Eiffel Tower")
IF ErrorOccurred = False THEN

also tried:
MyAddress is Address
MyAddress = geoGetAddress("43.639942,3.837672")

has this been stopped in WD21?





The help page is quite confusing on that one...

The top of the page says that it's now supported in v21, but the botton (components), ONLY give the android component.

Now, one possible thing would be that not all syntaxes are supported in Windev (maybe only the array of addresses syntax is supported there)

I would contact pcsoft about this one...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 05.10.2016 12:03
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