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data import/ export

Startbeitrag von Binod Lohani am 07.10.2016 09:53

Hello everyone !!
I need to export a table to SQLite from fic file . The fic file contains around 100000 rows with some columns with encrypted text (binary data) . Any suggestion !!
I tried HAdd (tablename) after connecting to sqlite with native access.
It takes around one hour to add 1000 rows.
There must be some alternatives !!

Thanks !!



use HTransactionStart en HTransactionEnd and put all your HAdd's in between. That should speed up things.
Otherwise Windev (or sqlite) is wrapping EVERY HAdd with a transaction and that is very slow indeed.

von Arie - am 07.10.2016 10:41

Is there a way to drop your indexes from the SQLite database before you start the import? This would probably speed it up too if its possible.


von Ned! - am 07.10.2016 10:53
Hello Binod,

Why not build queries based on the data in HFSQL .FIC file and then execute the queries on SQLite.

This would be faster.

For better memory management and good performance try to create a batch of around 1000 rows queries and execute them. Then again build another set of queries and so on....


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 12.10.2016 04:35
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