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[WD] AAAARGH! New code edit window conquers the whole display!

Startbeitrag von Ola am 10.10.2016 09:38

Hi all

I just HATE:sneg: the way how in Windev a new code edit window always conquers nearly the whole display! No matter how big a display I use, the new edit window conquers it.

Why am I whining about a "little thing" like this?

Because it wastes an enormous amount of my time. I haven't counted, but I probably open a code window hundreds of times a day. Often, most of the time actually, I want to keep open two or more code windows, to compare or copy the code. And each and every time I open a code window, I have to adjust the new code window's size so that I can fit two or mode windows to be visible simultaneously in the display:

- rezise from one corner
- resize from another corner
- move the window to an empty place

That's up to three unnecessary clicks I have to do each time I open a window. Certainly not ten times faster that it could be! And my old right hand elbow really doesn't like it!

I would really appreciate, if WD remembered the current size and place of the last opened window, and would place the next new code window as well as possible next to it to an empty place, and in same size. Now wouldn't that be nice? Or outright excellent?

And just imagine, how many new features it would generate in the next sales brochure!

- automatic remembering in three different WX products
- automatic resizing in three different WX products
- automatic placing in three different WX products

That's at least 9 new features, all improving efficiency in coding and making Windev many times faster! And prolonging the service life of WD users' mouse hand's elbow and wrist!

Of course I understand that this might be too difficult for PCSoft, and not nearly as much fun nor glamorous as photographing nice chicks in the warehouse on top of big WX boxes for the next sales brochure!:rp:

What do you think?

Best regards



Have you tried to drag the edit window outside the main screen of the editor. You can drag any edit screen (Window/Code) into its seperate window on another Monitor. This way you can open multiple code windows side by side.


von Danny Lauwers - am 10.10.2016 10:15
Hi Danny,

Not previously, but now I just tried it, and I can't move the code windows outside the main WD work area. Maybe there is somewher a setting to allow this, a very-well hidden one, of course?

Still, I would expect some clever automation and intelligent defaulting from Windev. After all, it's a rather old app, and it should have developed beyond just producing a thousand or so new half-baked raw features per year.

Best regards

von Ola - am 10.10.2016 11:49
Hello Ola,

You are 100% right. Five years ago I already asked for it. And repeated that every year.
It costs me not only a lot of clicking but als moving from the left part of the screen to the right part. Now a days sometimes the right part of the window is outside my screen so I have to drag the window to the left.

Our customers have a 'remember size and position' for everey window.
WD programmers not. :mad:

von Frans - am 10.10.2016 16:11
hi OLA,

a workaround : place the cursor on the toolbar "Opened Document" then right click and choose "tyle vertically" .

Same is possible with Menu Option "Window"

von heinz kübler - am 10.10.2016 16:28
Yup, one of my pet hates too. Every update I live in hopes and every update I am disappointed! I have requested it several times over the years but have given up asking any more, no one seems to take any notice.


von David Egan - am 10.10.2016 21:32

Look at this (2009)

Hello to you all,

Pc-Softs answer to my request in 2009:


von Frans - am 11.10.2016 09:40

@Heinz: Thanks, yes, that is a little better. But it also resizes all windows and, still, all new code windows open too large, as usual, and then you have search the menu again and do a couple of extra unnecessary mouse clicks, as there is no hot key assigned to this option.

Best regards

von Ola - am 12.10.2016 08:10
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