[WD22] Window not created by Windows

Startbeitrag von Ned! am 11.10.2016 13:21

I have a strange error being reported by several of my user who are having a problem when opening a window.

Replication steps...

1) Open Window A (my main window)
2) Call OpenSister from Window A
3) Call Open from Window A

The error is:

"Window not created by Windows. No possible reason returned by system."

Error code: 10110
Level: fatal error

Dump of the error of 'wd210obj.dll' module (21.0.430.25).
Identifier of detailed information (.err): 10110 Debugging information:
Function (1,1)

Has anybody else come across an error like this? I suspect it is something local to my project - but I was hoping somebody might be able to give me some ideas for what the problem might be.



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