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Problem detected by the security mechanism

Startbeitrag von Sead Grbesic am 12.10.2016 13:41


One of my clients got this message while using my application. This never happened before.
Content of message is:
"A major problem was detected by the security mechanism in your general software configuration.
This mechanism insures the security during the execution of your applications and data.
Please contact PC SOFT (supportlogiciel@pcsoft.fr)."

Can someone explain what is it all about.

Kind regards,



Hello Sead,

A message like "security mechanism" is mostly about 'duplicate records'.

Maybe you can check the indexes ??

von Harry W - am 12.10.2016 14:15
Hi Sead,

the important part follows in the message, it says what reason made the program stop. So, please, tell us what's the full text of the message.

There may be a simple destroyed index file, even a defective harddisk plus another thousand posibble errors.

By the way, you can adapt this text in your language with your phone / e-mail in order to give your customers the feeling that you care. When compiling, you will find this text as one of the first screens in th wizard.

von GuenterP - am 12.10.2016 16:09
Hmmm, did you recently work with a crack? If yes recompile the project with the dongle, but on a clean computer...

von Alexander Predl - am 13.10.2016 05:05
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