lost your dongle big problem

Startbeitrag von Allard am 14.10.2016 08:23


I know you will problably all know this but loosing your dongles is paying for a new licence!!

I lost my dongles a view days ago. Stupit I know. After cleaning the whole house I found them again. Huh big relieve.

It took me almoast two days though and after one day I thought lets call pc soft. I had to do some work on my website so no choise.

I thought they, pc soft, might be understanding. But no way. Loosing the dongle is paying a full licence!!.

I think this is stange since I have had a licence from version 12. Think pc soft should have the ability to cansel a licence so the licence with the lost dongle is canseled and a new licence is provided.

But this is not the case and therefore I must recommend everybody on this form to look into their insurance packadge. It is wise to have loosing the dongle coverd by an insurance. for if you loose two dongles ( I had them both connected to an usb switch so lost both the windev and webdev donmgle) it will cost 1300 euro to get a new licence!!!!



Hi Allard, since dongles are mobile assets and you needn't be connected to the web when using your Wx product, there's no way to know whether the dongle is really lost. Therefore you have to buy a new one if the old one is lost.

von GuenterP - am 14.10.2016 09:23
Hello Allard

I attach a short USB lead to my dongles and tape the connections together. Saves wear and tear on the dongle usb port and makes the whole thing a lot bigger and harder to loose.

On the plus side, your house is clean :)


von Al - am 14.10.2016 10:50
Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. Have been using WD since version 10. Lost the WD dongle.. Searched hi and low.. Ended up ordering a new one from PCsoft which cost the full license fee. About a month later, found the dongle, so now I have two. Since then, I have upgraded both dongles to latest version just to be safe..

von Davie - am 14.10.2016 11:19
Hi Mr Black

So you pay for 2 licenses every upgrade ??

Better taken an insurance and pay about 100 eur. Seems cheaper .

Still Ithink pc soft should do something about this . I get it that they want everybody to pay.
I want eveybody to pay as well because then pcsoft can make geat new features for us
but if they make it so a lisence can be deactivated and be of no use than abuse would be gone.

just my thought



Yes!! the house is claen ha ha

von Allard - am 14.10.2016 11:32
Hi Allard,

I have been using WX products since version 10, I have lost / had stolen 3 dongles. OUCH!
I also have other dongles for CAD software that are 5 times the cost. Back around version 17 I had a emulator made for the CAD software but when I had it done my windev 17 dongle was plugged in and I guess it pick that one up also.

Recently I had an issue with version 21 sent it to tech support they found this emulator in my dump file and blasted me for being a thief. (Not to happy about this I have paid for every upgrade since 10). I was told by them the emulators are NOT allowed and it seems like the do not want anything to do with me since this has happened. I have sent in request for tech support and they will not longer respond.

Just sharing...

BTW I removed the emulator and reinstalled the drivers so it does not conflict with Windev.


von DW - am 14.10.2016 14:42
Yup.. I pay for two upgrades each year. Any downtime costs money, so having two is my insurance policy.. Try and get lost productivity or lost contract from an insurance company because you lost something.. Sure they will insure the replacement cost, but that can be insignificant otherwise..

von Davie - am 14.10.2016 18:24
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