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Update/Fixes for v0.4 of the alpha360 erp

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 16.10.2016 14:47

We where planning to send an update today with various bug fixes, for v0.4 of the alpha360 erp - WINDEV and WEBDEV implementations.
Last night we had a major earthquake here - IOANNINA, GREECE - and we are actually "living and sleeping" in our cars.
We haven't seen any damages yet, but everybody is very very nervous.

Please send ANYTHING you find bugs etc. and we will include the fixes in the update for v0.4 - in a couple of days ...

thanks for your support

Steven Sitas


Hi Steven,

sad to hear about the erathquake. Hope you guys are doing fine.


von Sascha77 - am 16.10.2016 16:06
Steven, your dedication to the software and your customers is admirable, but the most important thing is to take care of you and your team FIRST. The software is bits and bytes, humans need the care.

Be safe my friends.

von Art Bonds - am 16.10.2016 23:54
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