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Setup with Automatic update

Startbeitrag von Mark Crichton am 17.10.2016 04:14

Hi folks

Anyone using "Setup with Automatic update " on the pcscloud service?
Seems like an amazing feature... but....

I have recently set it up, but am getting errors downloading and installing the initial install, and the updates.

1. Is speed an issue for anyone? It seems to be rather slow from New Zealand. I have fibre.

2. the exe files I have included. MyApp.exe, wdmap.exe, CC210HF.exe, WDModfic.exe, WSOptimizer.exe all give the error:

Downloading... framework.zip
"An error occurred during the setup:
Error downloading DWise 21.wx
[Retry (30 s)] [Ignore] [Cancel the setup ( not recommended)]

I eventually have to ignore and it all seems to work ok once downloaded.

I've looked at the directory an the wx files are in my install directory.

Tested on a few pc's Windows 7 and 10 with same error.

How can I fix this as will confuse users, and i have no way of telling them to press [ignore]

Any comments appreciated.
Thanks Mark


Hi Mark,

I see this error occassionally with some of my users who are updated automatically from an online server (although not the PCS cloud).

If I change the permissions on the .wx file in the install directory of the application then the error goes away.

I have only seen this happen on a Windows Server operating system, and I manage these upgrades out of hours on behalf of the users so fortunately they never see the error. I'm not sure how you would go about resolving it without local intervention.

Hope this helps.

von Ned! - am 18.10.2016 13:26
Hi Mark,

I used live update in 2 projects (on my own server), but I never managed it to get it stable.

Mostly I had problems with customer using terminal server.
On advice of someone in the forum (i think it was Fabrice) i did my own very basic udate functions.
It consists of the setup files and a text file which are both puplished on a web server or ftp server.
The text file contains the version number of the actual exe, and the minimum req. version.
The program itself at a very early stage of start up reads the text files, compares it to its own exe version and downloads the installation package if necessary.

This was max 3 hours of programming, works very stable and I have the complete control about what is going on.

And if you spend a bit more time you can integrate license management, statistics about the exe versions in the field and so on.

Best Regards


von stefan.kern - am 18.10.2016 20:33
Hi Stefan and Ned

Appreciate the input. I have requested help from pcsoft support, and had a request back for a copy of the app, which I will send to them to test. I will post the results back here.

I'll check your suggestions Ned.

They also informed me that WDMAp cannot be redistributed. I never knew that.

Agree with you Stefan. I will now consider doing my own mechanism, ( as it appears to do a huge install,) so that I can pick up a patch and keep it quick and easy.

One of my big issues is database changes and having to run modfic with the latest wdd file.
How do you folks resolve that? Code the changes?

von Mark Crichton - am 19.10.2016 04:52
Hi Mark,

have a look at
Hmodifystructure() and HcreationIfNotFound()

If you are using non PC Soft Databases These commands may not work.


Best Regards


von Stefan.kern - am 19.10.2016 17:08
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