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tab control use

Startbeitrag von Allard am 18.10.2016 14:52


Since in webdev there are no planes and Iam rebuilding my windows app and I kind of need them I use the tab control for that. Need !!


Does anyone know whatimpact the use of tab controls has on the page build.

For instanceI need 3 tabs and onley show one. the one thatis selected. If an other one is slected the old one goes hidden.

So in design all the tabs are there. At run time onley the one that needs be shown is shown.

I was told by an other developer that tabs only get loaded if they are show. If this is the case then i would have smal pages. If not this could be an issue

If so I like to know before hand.



It has taken me quite some time to figger out how to work arround tables that I use extensively in my windows app. But it seeems that all can be done in loopers in webdev.
I could even get it to work so almoast everything can be done with keybord . The asnchoring works just fine in webdev 21!!


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