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Generation Challenge-Windev Mobile 21

Startbeitrag von Sam Asid am 19.10.2016 08:42

Dear All,

I have a challenge generating android application from windev 21 mobile. The initial reference was for me to download Java SDK which I have gone through the process but it would still not generate complaining it cannot locate the SDK..

Could someone give a link or some forum reference of how to get the Java SDK properly install for Windev 21 Mobile?

Thanks in advance.




Which is the problem? You must download and install

1) Last JDK 8 version. I use the 64 bits in my laptop.

2) Android SDK: you can use the WM IDE to download the right version. A important thing is to install or update only to Build Tools 23.0.x version, because the 24.0.x and up versions doesn't works with WM21.

3) Gradle: you can use the WM IDE to download and configure the right Gradle version. This version must be 2.2 for compatibility. You can optimize the build process with Gradle versions up to 2.12, but you need setup some options in configuration files.

With this three simple points you must can build your Apps.


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 19.10.2016 18:57

1. for java jdk , use installer
2. for android jdk and gradle , don't use the installer, download the zip . manual point wm to the sdk folder you unzip.

Currently I using

for speed up compiling , read this post

von ccc2 - am 20.10.2016 01:56
Thank you Ruben and CCC.

I have made some progress though I get a few hiccups as I proceed. I guess these are part of the learning process.

I do appreciate the guide.


von Sam Asid - am 24.10.2016 06:14
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