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question webdev 21

Startbeitrag von Allard am 21.10.2016 08:04


Is it possible to make this in webdev:

My potential client wants his customers to sign of on a document. So I need a signature ( hand written) on a web form. And need to convert that to a pdf.

If you could tell me it is possible , that alone would help. If you can tell me in short how that would work then that would be great.



Hi .

I found an example on this.



von Allard - am 21.10.2016 08:57
Hi Allard,

Is the example publicly available?


von SolutionJ-Reg - am 21.10.2016 13:44

I think he is referring to the WW_Signature example. I have that in my WB20 and WB21 Examples-Training map

"WW_Signature is an example explaining how to draw in HTML5 and how to save the image in browser code."

von Arie - am 21.10.2016 18:45
yes that is it.

It kind of works out of the box.

Only little tweeking is needed as I see now. It takes the x an d Y of the screen so if you move , scroll the web page the drawing goeds a bit odd.
Butthat can be fixed easily. Great!!


von Allard - am 22.10.2016 07:39
I see. Allard and Arie, thanks.


von SolutionJ-Reg - am 22.10.2016 08:36
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