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Windev & Windev Mobile wanted

Startbeitrag von Robin Lane am 25.10.2016 17:11

Hi there,

I have been using version 12 for a number of years but find myself needing more of the extra features available in the newer versions.

I cannot really afford buying new versions since what I write is not really commercial, but I write programs for fun and my own satisfaction.

Does anyone have versions 18 or newer that they'd consider selling??

Many thanks,


Re: Windev & Windev Mobile wanted

Robin, I have Windev 18 (no mobile sorry) I could be prepared to sell. The only downside is I live in New Zealand so the shipping cost could be prohibitive.


von StevenM - am 25.10.2016 22:59

Re: Windev & Windev Mobile wanted


PM sent.

von Robin Lane - am 26.10.2016 06:44
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