wd21:aaf print function default settings for spreadsheet control

Startbeitrag von kingdr am 26.10.2016 11:09

Hi All

I wouldn't notice the popmenu for aaf Print when previewing it shows
A4 size + default header and footer that aren't fit our customer need as
they need Letter size and date default to MM/DD/YY instead of DD/MM/YY.

Any help would be highly appreciated and my version is 01A210065s#.

Again the popup aaf is in English menu and the preview menu is in
French for viewing it as Portrait/Landscape.

And I couldn't find ways to change any settings for
C:\WinDev 21\Programs\Data\Preset Windows\AAF\WinDevAaf_ConfigSpreadsheetPrint.wdw

Thx in advance.




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