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Application Log

Startbeitrag von Binod Lohani am 27.10.2016 03:46

Hello Everyone!
What Would be the best way to record application log in android application ??
What Would be the (Basic) things to be recorded ??
Is there any open Source WM class to do that ??
Any idea ?



it depends what you call "application log". If it's a record of all the changes in the DB, than you can look at WXReplication for that... The principle I'm using here:
- global procedures called hadd/hmodify/hdelete are overloading the regular wlanguage functions
- in those, I write the details of the operation in WXreplication file (for the purpose of replication, but it IS a log of all the DB changes)
- then I of course do the regular wlanguage function

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.10.2016 08:53
Thanks Fabrice .
That's Great !!
And how about recording ExceptionInfo() and ErrorInfo() and other crash Report..
Any example on that area ??

von Binod Lohani - am 27.10.2016 10:19
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