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[HFCC] Alternative to HyperFile Control Center

Startbeitrag von HIS 21 am 27.10.2016 10:30

Good morning,

Is there a valid alternative to HyperFile Control Center?
It is too slow and it doesn't have advanced functions.

May be a problem of HyperFileSql itself or is just the client that is not well implemented?



not that I know of, but you can code your own quite easily if you don't like it. It's basically queries and BuildBrowsingTable...

I'm not sure why you say it's too slow, and what "advanced" function you need, but that's the way to go.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.10.2016 12:16
Some people already did this,
and an old one

Can you say what functionality you are missing?

von Arie - am 27.10.2016 12:43

for advanced I mean a Database Manager that has at least the 10% of features of, for example, SQL Server Management Studio. HFCC is also not well implemented regarding the optimization of memory when loading images.

von HIS 21 - am 27.10.2016 12:46
In my opinion, the most needed "advanced function" is needed when you close the control center. When you try to close WinDev will nicely prompt you to save or don't save any unsaved open queries. It also gives you a cancel button, but if you click the cancel button it still closes the control center. Maybe, just maybe, if you click cancel it should return to the control center.

von Curtis - am 27.10.2016 14:16

For me, the primary purpose of the HF control centre is to provide a data display tool that I can use to check the results of my coding efforts and as such it is a very poor tool and nowhere near as useful or easy to use as WDMap.

It is slow.
It is missing some of the features that WDMap has.
Search for duplicates
Replacement of data - very handy when testing
Print a report
Display the fields in physical or logical order,
If you do a find there is no reinitialize option to drop all the find criteria
The custom Reindex option is missing so there is no separate option to just reindex full-text indexes ( I don't have a use for that feature but it is missing )

If you use the find option it sometimes drops the composite key columns
If you try to set the column display sometimes it doesn't display all the selected columns.
Sometimes it reverts to French langauge when it starts.
It keeps on refreshing the display, so when you click on a new file to open it it turns the screen on and off a few times as it loads the data which is quite annoying


von Al - am 27.10.2016 14:29
Good evening,

I completely agree with Al, HFCC is slow and has a lot of bug (that PC SOFT want to fix). I will try to use the tools that Arie has proposed.


von HIS 21 - am 27.10.2016 15:21

Use mysql and a tool HeidiSQL. This tool can do a lot!!!and it is free as well. Mysql is more powerfull then hyperfile. Heidi gives you de optin to add columns etc etc

You loose the automaqtic adding of items from the analises though. this is handy!



von Allard - am 27.10.2016 18:30
Thanks Allard,

have you experienced some kind of issue by using WAX with MySql? Some problems with memos, for example? Or with indexes?

von HIS 21 - am 31.10.2016 09:18
Hi ,

Mysql works great with windev !. With Heidi is light nigh fast. Even if you have a db with big tables over a million rows with pictures it loads instantaneous !!.
( do that in hyperfile control centre .Opening a new db or even a table takes time , even with small files

I have seen it in action at an other company they skipped hyperfile and changed it for mysql because hyperfile could not handle the data. (Lots of images , million rows and more . etc ,etc)

In short Mysql handled this very well. With one odd issue on the native driver. It was slowly taking more and more memory. So It needed a restart of the windev app at least every 24 hours.

But hyperfile has sync with an alysis and this works great in development. But I have had some issues with that when updating a windev app on a users machine.
Table not in sync with analysis is a showstopper. And with hyperfilesql you cannot make a table column to fix the issue!.

When working with Heidi this is all available.

So what to use. Hmm I am working on a web version of my accounting app at the moment . I don not know yet what I am going to use for production. It is a bit scary to let the automatic update do a change in a view hundred databases.


von Allard - am 04.11.2016 08:34
Hi Allard,

One of my reservations to using a DB other than HFSQL is the (auto) syncing function with the Analysis. How do you automatically sync with the Analysis if you're using another DB; like MySQL??

von DarrenF - am 04.11.2016 08:43
Hi Darren,

Yes the sync is cool . Indeed. well you have to do the modifications yourself. with the HeidiSQL tool.
but with the generation buton I recently discovered in webdev you can generate an sql script. This you can past in heidi.

The feature, (auto) syncing functio, works great in windev and webdev. But in windev I use the auto update feature. This updates the clients version to the version I put on the web. Cool but the (auto) syncing function doesnot always work!!

So now Iam working with webdev and are considdering using mysql . With heidi I can run an sql update script over many databases. And with that I have control over what happens. If webdev is as windev I could get into trouble when updating many client databases.

For now Ia developing with hyperfile but I donnot know what I will use in production , Serously considdering Mysql though.



von Allard - am 04.11.2016 19:50
HFSQL c/s is a quick solution in order for HFsql to be able to use in network and multi users environment without making big modification in program .

because the based is HFsql (which is flat file database) , there are alot limitations and it will never able to compete with real database server.

since there are alot db server out there (free/paid) , I don't think PCS will want to spend much development resource on HFsql c/s . other reason will be sql database full of IP landmine

von ccc2 - am 07.11.2016 04:54
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