[WM20] fListFile does not work for iOS

Startbeitrag von Rik am 31.10.2016 12:22

Hello all,

For my iOS application I try to make some sort of file explorer (Gallery for pictures).
It is basically the same application as an Android project, which I previously created.

For the Android project the fListFile() method does return a string with the different files in the stated directory. Nevertheless, in both the iOS emulator and an actual device this appears to be blank.

Did some of you encounter the same problem or did I forget something? If this is not the case, is there some work around method?
My test code looks as follows:

GnFotoiOS is string = fCurrentDir()+"/Gallerij/" //Basically: Documents/Gallerij/
IF NOT fDirectoryExist(GnFotoiOS) THEN fMakeDir(GnFotoiOS)

Info(fDirectoryExist(GnFotoiOS)) //Results: 1
Info(fListFile(GnFotoiOS)) //Results: Nothing although there are files
Info(fCreate(GnFotoiOS+"test.txt")) //Creates test files > Results: identifier (file is created)
Info(fListFile(GnFotoiOS)) //Results: Nothing although there are files + test file

Thanks in advance,



The real question is why it's working anywhere with that code.
In fListFile, you are supposed to indicate the type of files you are looking for in your path (by example *.*, *.png, and so one)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.10.2016 13:36
Hello Fabrice,

Thought it was just an optional parameter.
It does function now, thank you very much!!


von Rik - am 31.10.2016 13:45
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