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[WD19] Calculation with rounding on 6 decimals

Startbeitrag von Stefan Bentvelsen am 31.10.2016 16:10

Hi all,

I was under the impression that using currencies for calculations was the way to use (max.) six decimal places, but that does not seem to be necessarily so. I get a result with only four decimal places instead of the expected 6 decimals.
Now I have used numerics as intermediate fields and found it to be correct calculation. What causes the difference in the calculation of currencies?

lcyKgPrijs = TblSlachtrapport.DEF_PrijsNoteringWeekprijs // 0.595
lcyBtwPerc = TblBtw.BTWPercentage // 6
lcyKgPrijsExcl = round(lcyKgPrijs / (100.0 + lcyBtwPerc) * 100.0, 6)
// lcyKgPrijsExcl is : 0.5613 --> 4 decimals, but should be 6 decimals

lnKgPrijs is numeric(5,7) = TblSlachtrapport.DEF_PrijsNoteringWeekprijs // 0.595
lnBtwPerc is numeric(5,7) = TblBtw.BTWPercentage // 6
lcyKgPrijsExcl = Round(lnKgPrijs / (100.0 + lnBtwPerc) * 100.0, 6)
// lcyKgPrijsExcl is : 0.561321 is OK

Thanks for any hints.



Is ths a currency : "DEF_PrijsNoteringWeekprijs"

If so hwo is that field defined in the analysis?

Maybe a currency var takes on the state of this field. And A nemeric one doesnot.


von Allard - am 31.10.2016 21:36
Sorry Allard for being not clear,

DEF_PrijsNoteringWeekprijs is indeed defined as currency in the analysis. Also the other fields in the first example are defined as currency.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 01.11.2016 07:28
Hi Stefan,

no miracle!

currency has 6 Digits for the decimal part.

your calculation first does: 0.595/106 -> 0.005613208
truncated to 6 decimals -> 0.005613
then multiply by 100 -> 0.5613

Change your calculation like (first multiply by 100):

lcyKgPrijsExcl = round(100 * lcyKgPrijs / (100.0 + lcyBtwPerc), 6)

then you get in the first step : 100*0.595 = 59.5
second step: 59.5/105 = 0.561321

In theory you could leave away the round function, because of the max 6 Digits of a currency, but would surely be not a good idea.



von Erik Schwarz - am 01.11.2016 08:41

second step: 59.5/106 = 0.561321

von Erik Schwarz - am 01.11.2016 08:43
Hi Erik,

thanks you for your explanation!
It makes clear what I have to do to make it work.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 01.11.2016 09:42
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