[WD20] Search in more data columns

Startbeitrag von Sammy Broeders am 31.10.2016 18:16

Hello all,

Is it possible to search directly in more columns of a data file? So whe i type "Ja" all the words contains this will be in a list and not only when the word starts with it.

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Piet Jansen Bouwbedrijf Jansen
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Hi Sammy,

yes, it's possible.

You can either use the full text index available in the analysis description, or build your own dictionary file when adding/editing, and searching on it instead of the main file, as I'm doing in WXEDM.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.10.2016 18:36
Hi Sammy and Fabrice,

I thought that full-text index only searches for the whole word and not for a part off it in text-fields.
So not a part off a word.

von Frans - am 17.11.2016 19:41
I saw it in MVP RAD sample but don't know how to use and apply, it's interesting and
does the job in any column accross the table. I wonder if wxlive could provide it on youtube will be great.




von kingdr - am 17.11.2016 20:29
I have a search field that I palce above the table. In the table I deactivate d the search stuff the search field searches in two colums at the same time is this what you need?

If so I can profide you with the code


von Allard - am 17.11.2016 22:21

I think that is a good solution for me.

von Sammy Broeders - am 18.11.2016 07:47

this is a bit of code I use for serching on two clumns one is numeric and one is tekst.

The table can be filled by a file or a querie. The code is added in the : filtering the records "section.

nEerste, nTweede is int

IF EDT_zoek Null THEN
//RESULT Position( Klanten.FirmaNaam, EDT_zoek ) > 0 or Position( Klanten.Klantcode, Val( EDT_zoek ) ) > 0
IF Val( EDT_zoek ) > 0 THEN nEerste = StringStartsWith( MySource.grootboeknr, Val( EDT_zoek ) )
nTweede = Position( Lower( MySource.gBNaamOmschrijving ), Lower( EDT_zoek ) )
// Trace( Klanten.FirmaNaam,nEerste, nTweede )
RESULT nEerste + nTweede > 0


the thedit field dus a call to a button . In the button the table is displayd bij tabledislpay( tainit)

This way youcan type in a letter or number and filtering wil instantly begin. Verry cool and verry vast.



von Allard - am 18.11.2016 14:05
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